1001 Lasalle Boulevard – Strip Mall


Bloomington Developments


Sudbury, Ontario






Stipulated Sum

Project Description:

The new 9,000 square foot building was constructed in the new Sudbury Area, the property was three separate parcels of land with existing dwellings on the lot that were demolished to make way for the new strip mall.

The construction of the facility was unique in terms of superstructure. Since the existing property had single family dwelling units the property was unstable to hold up the weight of a new 9,000 square foot building, but with the use of helical piles we were able to sit the building on solid ground. We also installed a cast-in-place pile cap and grade beam foundation. With the unstable soils and the property being leased to potential clients the slab on grade was installed on engineered light weight fill to allow for design flexibility for the spaces for potential clients.

The remainder of the construction included a structural steel superstructure, along with an insulated metal panel siding to provide a clean, sleek modern look to the building.