Sno-Lab Surface Facility


Carlton University






Lump Sum Contract

Project Value:

$7.5 Million

Project Description:

This development saw the construction of a new 34,000 square foot facility to provide support for experiments underground as well as office and meeting room space. The surface facility is equipped with several class 1000 clean room laboratories for prototyping and staging for experiments being deployed underground. A Low background counting laboratory is used to measure minute quantities of radioactivity assayed from the SNO experiment. The surface facility has several meeting rooms including a 100 seat auditorium.

The project construction was unique due to the location of the project. The job was constructed on the Creighton Mine Vale property.

The building was comprised of cast in place foundations, with a structural steel superstructure. The exterior of the building was finished with architectural block, composite panels and a glazed curtain wall system.