Maki Condominium Project


Dalron Construction


Sudbury, Ontario


Multi Unit Residential




Stipulated Sum

Project Value:

$5.2 Million

Project Description:

This new condominium development was the first new condominium project to be constructed in Sudbury since 1988. The building consisted of constructing a new four storey, thirty three unit building, with one, two and three bedroom units ranging from 728-1590 square feet for a private developer.

The superstructure of the building was built entirely out of ICF construction, and hollow core slabs for each floor. With the use of the ICF construction it for the interior and exterior walls it helps in reducing energy consumption and sound transmission between the units.

With the buildings unique “oak leaf” design it allowed for each unit to have an uninterrupted view of Lake Nepahwin with spacious glass-railed balconies, garden floor and penthouse suite. The building also was constructed to embrace the environment and lakes around it ensuring that there is ample green space on the property for the owners to enjoy the outdoor space and relax on the waterfront.